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Protesters “swarm” London’s banks for their investment in fossil fuels

Grassroots activists from a wide cross section of British society have launched their “swarm” against the Bank of England and other financiers of fossil fuels in London today.


According to this article from Metro:


The on-going demonstration will cause ‘maximum disruption’ to the City of London as a second week of civil disobedience begins. Banks and financial institutions by St Paul’s, Liverpool Street and Southwark are expected to face ‘mass swarming’ in which ‘rebel hives’ will ‘spread out to pollinate the morning commute’.


Protesters are calling on city workers to ‘help highlight the impact of financial institutions on the climate and ecological emergency outside the UK’. Advertisement They argue that big banks heavily invest in and profit from coal, gas and mineral extraction, as well as intensive farming and logging


The article mentioned that, at the time, over 1,300 people had been arrested across London since the protests started the week prior.


Read the full article including great photos and a video at the website.

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