Pressure to act big mounts on RBS - Bank On Our Future

Pressure to act big mounts on RBS

After a long concerted campaign at Royal Bank of Scotland/ Natwest to stop financing fossil fuels, led by the Friends of the Earth Scotland, BankTrack and others, rumors were flying that they were on the cusp of making a big climate policy announcement. Especially after their new CEO Alison Rose vowed to take bold action on climate change in her first speech.

So with days to go, 16 organisations came together to send a strong message to Alison Rose in the Scottish Herald and to ramp up the pressure to ensure the policy was as good as possible. The ad read:

“We are excited to hear you are planning to include climate action at the heart of RBS’s new agenda. It’s critical; the climate crisis is accelerating worse and faster than expected. The UN says we have 10 years left to cut our emissions by half.

UK Banks are pouring money into companies destroying the planet. Banks like yours have financed over $1.9T USD since the Paris Agreement into the fossil fuel companies which create more climate pollution. That needs to stop.

Real climate leadership means stopping financing fossil fuels.

Please make the home of the next global climate summit fossil fuel finance free, so our children can have a livable future.”

Banks can fund our future and aid the global green recovery. Together, we can push the worst fossil banks to change.