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Street Mural Training

Protestors paint a mural in the street outside Wells Fargo head office

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As part of the #DefundClimateChaos day of action on Oct 29th groups are inviting you to learn the skills needed to plan and implement giant street murals, to help bring a clear, unified demand to financial institutions across the globe: your continued investments in fossil fuels, ecological destruction and human rights violations must stop immediately. 

Using a climate memorial framework, they’ll create giant street art to bring the reality of dangerous fossil fuel investments to the doorsteps of the institutions enabling the industry to continue its reckless expansion. Lifting up stories of frontline communities to remember and commemorate those impacted by extreme weather events and the violence of fossil fuel extraction they will demonstrate a movement on the rise to resist the fossil fuel colonialism driving climate breakdown. 


MEMORIAL, REMEMBER, and MEMORY, all come from the Latin “memoria,” which means 

  1. memory; the ability to remember
  2. a remembrance, a thing remembered

The idea is to remember those hurt by climate chaos; those who have died from storms, fires, floods, droughts, and displacement— around the world. 

As part of the Oct 29 Day of Action they encourage groups to remember and commemorate actual people who have died as a result of climate chaos. Is there someone you or people in your groups are connected to? Or perhaps you can find the names and a little about the person?

They encourage commemorating people from the Global South, often more heavily impacted. You could read their names aloud, and maybe a little about what you know about them. You could create a visual representation–painting or writing their name, maybe a photo, date of birth and death; name, city or town, family, when and how they died. 



We are part of a global movement that is rising up to protect our communities and planet–to prevent more avoidable death, suffering and destruction of our planet. When we stop the flow of money, then we stop the flow of oil and gas. 

Protestors paint a mural in the street outside Wells Fargo head office


The training will be led by David Solnit. 

Groups involved in organising ‘flagship’ actions on Oct 29th will receive the focus of support and guidance in between the training sessions, but any group interested in the tactic and using it in their context or community are welcome to join as well. 


Session 1: October 7, 7pm

Hands on practice

Session 2:October 18, tbc time



The training will consist of three parts. 

Online Training Session: 

History, examples, and power of street murals. 

Location: Where will you paint it? Criteria for choosing.

Design: Planning the design with you group or community

Types of street murals: From chalk, to tempera paint, to permanent paint

Authorities: Guerrilla vs permitted. 

Supplies: What you will need.

Roles: Street blocking, police/security liaison, layout, paint barista, paint facilitators, song-music-program, documentation, etc. 

Other elements- visual art, music/performance

Documentation: How will you document, and how will you share.

Hands-On Practice: 

Each team will do some hands-on practice of a smaller scaled-down street mural before the second online session–and take some pics to show and tell. Ideally the same folks  who will help lead the mural will be part of the practice team. Practice could be on sidewalks, alley, parking lots, driveway, etc. 

Second Online Training Session: 

This session will address questions that came up, hear short reflections and see photos of practice murals. 

  • Planning Next Steps; location, design, authorities, supplies, documentation, etc. 
  • Updates on Day of Action Planning, coordination and resources


To compliment your involvement they’ll also provide participants with a short Street Mural Guide to share some of the info in the training and photos of past murals. This will be sent to each participant as a link to a doc in advance of the first workshop so groups can start to make plans, build their teams and think about key questions well in advance. 

Between the sessions and in the run up to the day of action itself there will be support and guidance needed to make your mural a great success.

Register here to participate in the online workshop

Banks can fund our future and aid the global green recovery. Together, we can push the worst fossil banks to change.