If we stop the flow of money, we can stop the flow of oil and gas.

Banks, asset managers and insurers are funding the climate crisis, pumping billions of dollars into fossil fuels. But we are rising up: ahead of the UN climate conference, on October 29 groups around the world are taking to the streets to demand that it stop. Will you be there?

It’s code red for humanity, but whilst our planet burns the biggest financial institutions are pouring on more fuel to the fire.

They keep funding fossil fuel companies to dig up more oil, coal and gas. Causing record heatwaves, floods and superstorms globally that are killing people.

Why are they still doing this when the science is clear?

And because they have not been held accountable by governments and so we the people must do their job. And get them to start funding clean energy.

On October 29th people will come together to stand against the financing of fossil fuel projects.

A day of global protest against banks, investors and insurers who finance the climate crisis.

Scientists have declared code red for humanity. We don’t have time to spare and with COP climate talks approaching, it’s time to #DefundClimateChaos

Our demand:

Turn off the money pipeline for fossil fuels. Now.

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