Why Banks?

Banks give fossil fuel companies the money they need to expand

We all want a safe and healthy future for our families. But burning oil, coal, and gas is making the climate crisis worse. Fossil fuel expansion puts everyone in danger – especially Indigenous, Black, and Brown people who have contributed the least to climate breakdown, but who suffer its worst effects.

Paper straws and meatless Mondays won’t stall the crisis if banks continue to pour trillions (yes, trillions) into more fossil fuels. We can’t afford any new coal, oil, or gas – but there’s hope. Fossil fuel companies need banks, but banks don’t need fossil fuel companies.

That’s why we can all push banks to stop the money.

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Banks need to stop funding fossil fuels

We already know how to power cars, heat homes, and light buildings without fossil fuels. Now, we just need to get it done, with solutions that put Black, Brown, frontline, and Indigenous communities first. So, why hasn’t this happened? One word: profits.

Bank bosses make billions of dollars fuelling the flames of climate change. And together, we’re extinguishing this fire.


We need bold actions,
not empty words

Banks are flaunting their green energy projects and sustainability programs. But they deliberately fill them with loopholes, so they can keep investing in dirty energy.

Now, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is saying we must keep new coal, oil, and gas in the ground. Banks must stop pouring trillions of dollars into fossil fuels and start shifting those investments to renewable energy. It can’t happen in 30 years. It must start now.

Millions of us are pressuring banks to change. This is our chance to ensure a fair and healthy world for everyone.

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Millions of us are pressuring banks to change. This is our chance to ensure a fair and healthy world for everyone.

Join the global movement

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and hopeless. But pushing banks is a powerful tool for change. Individuals, shareholders, and NGOs around the world are pressuring the world’s biggest banks to stop funding climate chaos, and to start funding solutions that prioritize the communities feeling the worst effects of the climate crisis.

This is our shared opportunity. We’re tackling this crisis together. And we can win.