To Barclays bosses – sorry for ruining your AGM

Barclays are the worst fossil fuel funders in Europe. And at their AGM, they heard about it.

HSBC’s AGM did not go to plan 🤭

HSBC feel the heat for fossil fuel financing

Shareholders tell Credit Suisse to clean up fossil fuel funding

Credit Suisse had its AGM today. And pressure on their fossil funding is paying off.

🤯 Shareholders hold fossil banks’ feet to the fire

Major fossil fuel banks had their AGMs, and shareholders are sending a very clear message

Yale students crash a fossil fuel professor’s lecture

Ernesto Zedillo is a Citi board member, and a professor at Yale - he wasn't expecting this.

Citi are in the climate crosshairs 🎯

Citi are facing activists for the billions in funding they're giving to fossil fuels.