Barclays are hiding from a giant global story

Adani and Barclays are bezzies, through thick and thin....?

Stephen Fry is coming for the big banks’ fossil fuel addiction

Celebrities are exposing the big banks funding the climate crisis to the world

Banks are green right?…RIGHT?!

How much green energy do you think banks fund? It’s worse than you think...

US Banks are refusing free, green money

Biden is offering green financing: US banks should take it
image of the garzweiler mine by RWE

Sneaky HSBC tries to hide loan to German coal miner

HSBC lent $340m to a coal giant and wanted to keep it hush hush

BIG WIN: HSBC will stop bankrolling new oil & gas fields 🙌🏾

HSBC is the first of the major global banks to do this

Citi talks green, but it’s a major coal backer

Citi's not a climate leader, they want more coal

Barclays is being exposed as a fossil fuel funder

In a very, very public way.

Citi: #1 fossil fuel banker in Africa

Citi is plundering Africa for fossil fuels

Land defenders came to meet banks face to face

Fracking activists met with bank bosses funding the destruction of their homes
Protesters hold up banner outside National Trust AGM saying better without barclays

National Trust bosses to challenge bankers on fossil fuel support

Big win! National Trust bosses are challenging Barclays to reduce its fossil fuel funding

A month to forget for Royal Bank of Canada

RBC are facing serious heat over their fossil fuel funding

COP27 – It’s time to pay for the damage you cause

Heard of “loss and damage” yet?

Exposed: HSBC’s green finance is not green. At all.

Billions of dollars for "green" projects actually going to oil extraction & deforestation

Three big banks take climate steps

Lloyds, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank
picture of mark carney

Mark Carney under pressure over banks’ climate failures

Banks are funding the expansion of the fossil fuel sector, but they've got a great PR guy.

BREAKING: HSBC caught greenwashing by ad regulator

And it's happening during HSBC's Climate Action Festival 🤭
Protesters in quebec protest RBC after greenwashing investigation

RBC under investigation for greenwashing!

And other reasons why RBC has an awful week

Are Bloom and Wild REALLY sustainable?

You can't be "sustainable" with a dirty bank
Image of Dave McKay saying stop being mean to me

Everyone stop being mean to Dave

He's just bankrolling a giant destructive pipeline
Picture of Citi CEO at a hearing

Citi had a terrible week

Here's two reasons why Citi had a week to forget

The National Trust loves nature. But its bank doesn’t.

And National Trust members are demanding change

Coal is the worst. But US banks still love it

Ignore the green hype, the US banks are still ploughing billions into coal

The UN might dump a Canadian mega-bank

Will RBC get caught cheating by the UN?