To Barclays bosses – sorry for ruining your AGM

Barclays are the worst fossil fuel funders in Europe. And at their AGM, they heard about it.

HSBC’s AGM did not go to plan 🤭

HSBC feel the heat for fossil fuel financing

Shareholders tell Credit Suisse to clean up fossil fuel funding

Credit Suisse had its AGM today. And pressure on their fossil funding is paying off.

🤯 Shareholders hold fossil banks’ feet to the fire

Major fossil fuel banks had their AGMs, and shareholders are sending a very clear message

Yale students crash a fossil fuel professor’s lecture

Ernesto Zedillo is a Citi board member, and a professor at Yale - he wasn't expecting this.

Citi are in the climate crosshairs 🎯

Citi are facing activists for the billions in funding they're giving to fossil fuels.

🔥 Africa People’s AGM 🔥

People from across Africa came together to discuss how to stop the EACOP pipeline.

“Net-zero” banks’ numbers don’t stack up on fossil fuels

One year on from bank promises, the numbers are devastating

Credit Suisse secrets they don’t want you to know

They're funding war, climate change and corruption

The “Amazon of the sea” is under threat

The biodiverse Verde Island Passage in the Philippines is being earmarked for fossil fuel exploration

UniCredit is hiding it’s dirty fossil fuel investments

UniCredit is huge fossil fuel investor and one of Italy's biggest banks

What a day of climate action in Canada 🔥

People across Canada are calling out Canada's biggest bank RBC for funding giant pipelines

IPCC report says it’s “now or never” for climate change – banks must stop

We're hurtling into climate disaster. We can't allow banks to cut the breaks.

Green groups tell bank CEOs to leave Russian behind

Lots of companies are abandoning investments in Russia - but some banks are trying to keep their foot in the door.

New report shows that banks are all bark and no bite on climate

The Banking on Climate Chaos shows the usual suspects funding fossil fuel companies with billions of dollars

Barclays climate proposals are as weak as they are late

Barclays released weak climate proposals that will be voted on by shareholders.

🎉 Big win on HSBC 🎉

Pressure from ShareAction forces HSBC into tightening up its fossil fuel policies

US and EU restricting money to Russian fossil fuels

The rules cut down funding from Western financial institutions to Russian fossil fuels

Heard of the #Putin100?

Find out who the 100 global financial institutions across the world propping up Putin’s war machine are

Big companies exit Russia – but banks stay silent

Big banks are still investing millions in the Russian fossil fuels propping up Putin's invasion

Letter calling on global finance to exclude all Russian fossil fuel firms

The letter is signed by NGOs and civil society groups around the world in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

New Yorkers taking on Citibank for their fossil fuel investments

Residents are confronting Citigroup investors over their investments in climate change and Russian fossil fuels

HSBC’s investments are helping to fund Russia’s invasion

HSBC must pull ALL fossil fuel investments out of Russia now