Adani: Barclays’ favourite corrupt client

What’s the breaking news?

The Adani Group is the world’s biggest private coal developer. It loves piling billions into coal (the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel), corruption, fraud, and money laundering.

3 reasons why Barclays isn’t as green as it says

Barclays is the biggest bankroller of the fossil fuel industry in Europe, since 2016. In fact, as you read this, it’s pouring billions of dollars into the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

Citi’s Dirty Amazon deals

A new report is showing that Citi is not only one of the biggest funders of oil and gas operations in the Amazon, it is the number one influencer when it comes to sealing dirty deals in the vulnerable region.

Barclays sponsoring Wimbledon has backfired

This is Barclays’ first year sponsoring Wimbledon. But rather than a solid bit of PR, it’s turned out to be more of a headache. That’s because Wimbledon takes its sustainability quite seriously and are coming under major pressure for partnering with Barclays, who has provided more cash to the fossil fuel industry than any other bank in Europe, since the Paris Climate Agreement.

See the report sent to the Barclays sustainability board

There was one major topic at the Barclays AGM a few months back: the fact that Barclays are providing more cash to the fossil fuel industry than any other bank in Europe (since 2016).

Celebs call on Wimbledon to dump Barclays

It’s not just activists who are taking aim at Barclays over its funding of massive fossil fuel companies destroying lives and wrecking the planet.

Today, celebrities including Emma Thompson, Vanessa Nakate, Mary Portas, and Lolly Adefope, as well as organisations like Greenpeace UK, are saying they have #ZeroLoveForBarclays.

Citi paying the price for fossil fuel funding

Citi is the 2nd biggest fossil fuel funder in the world, including companies like Saudi Aramco and Exxon, who are accelerating the climate crisis. But in the last month, there’s been a significant pushback, and it’s only growing.

BIG WIN on French Bank BNP Paribas

Pressure from climate activists around the world have worked on French mega-bank BNP Paribas. BNPP are no longer going to directly fund oil and gas fields anywhere in the world.

Barclays AGM: one big issue

Right now, Barclays staff are confidentially speaking to Bank on our Future to share thoughts on Barclays’ fossil fuel funding. You can safely share your voice by emailing [email protected] and a member of the team will get back to you


Barclays just had their 2023 AGM and the big topic on the agenda was Barclays’ current position as the biggest funder of fossil fuels of any bank in Europe.

Citi AGM: Hot in the Citi

— Citi staff are speaking out on Citi’s fossil fuel funding right now. Join in confidentially by emailing [email protected]

Communities affected by polluting projects that Citi funds descended to the New York headquarters on Monday ahead of the annual shareholders’ meeting, protesting and holding an overnight sit-in demanding an end to Citi’s fossil fuel funding: 

Barclays holds on to its title. Again.

— Right now, Barclays staff are speaking out confidentially on Barclays’ fossil fuel funding. You can take part by emailing [email protected] now —

What does the research show?

RBC is #1 funder of fossil fuel funder in the world

— Right now, RBC staff are speaking out confidentially on RBC’s fossil fuel funding. Find out more and add your voice here: 

What does the research show?

Citi is still #2 funder of fossil fuel funder in the world

— Right now, Citi staff are speaking out confidentially on Citi’s fossil fuel funding. You can take part by emailing [email protected] now —

What does the research show?

The Swiss banks had an AGM season they won’t forget

Credit Suisse and UBS have had decades of AGMs in their long histories. But this year, their AGMs were far from normal. Credit Suisse’s collapse has meant that UBS are taking on large parts of their business.

RBC’s AGM didn’t go to plan

— RBC staff are sharing their thoughts on the AGM, Coastal Gas Link, and RBC’s fossil fuel funding. Share your thoughts in this confidential survey

Here’s a run down of what happened at RBC’s eventful 2023 AGM in Saskatoon:

Indigenous voices:

Why am I being put in a seperate room?

Breathtaking. Not least for RBC

— If you work for RBC and want to speak out confidentially on RBC’s fossil fuel funding, email [email protected]. All your communications are 100% confidential —


RBC are causing devastation, and it’s about to bite them

Whilst other Canadian banks are thinking about scaling back their funding of fossil fuel expansion, RBC’s increased by a breathtaking 45% in 2022 (compared to 2021). That’s an insane amount for a bank pretending to understand the climate emergency.

New research: RBC aren’t as green as they say

Why does this research show up RBC?

New research by Bloomberg is showing that RBC is spending more than double on fossil fuels, than it is on clean energy, this is the joint worst ratio of any bank in the world.

Barclays are having a valentines to forget

Barclays staff are confidentially speaking about their frustration at the billions Barclays is continuing to lend to the world’s worst fossil fuel companies. To speak out confidentially, email [email protected]


Barclays just released their new energy policy.

Letter to Barclays: it’s time to drop Adani

As this story is evolving, Barclays staff are confidentially sharing their opinions on Barclay’s continued support of Adani. Just email [email protected] or send a signal message to +447818822876 to speak directly to the team.

Barclays are hiding from a giant global story

This is one of the biggest meltdowns of a fossil fuel giant you’re likely to see, and it’s making headlines faster than papers can print it.

Adani is a gigantic Indian fossil fuel company.

Stephen Fry is coming for the big banks’ fossil fuel addiction

Rule number one of banking school, don’t upset Stephen Fry.

Why is Stephen angry?!

A tonne of celebrities (including Stephen 🍳) and thousands of people across the country are sending a powerful message to the UK’s big 5 banks.

Banks are green right?…RIGHT?!

Right now, staff at Citi and Barclays are confidentially speaking out about the bank’s on-going funding of fossil fuel companies, and the banks’ tiny funding of renewables. To join your colleagues and speak out, email [email protected] or send a secure signal message to +447818822876 now.

US Banks are refusing free, green money

The big four US banks have reported fourth quarter results that reveal  just how difficult the economic environment is with hyperinflation, high interest rates and dire energy security. But they also show a failure by the banks to take advantage of a grinning gift horse.