Why Barclays?

Barclays is Europe's #1 fossil fuel funding bank

“I do think that it will take time for a bank like ours to stop funding fossil fuels. But to be the worst in Europe is not excusable” – Barclays staff member, London

“Our investments are at complete odds with the messaging from the top of the business. We say we’re green, whilst bankrolling Shell and Exxon.” – Barclays staff member, 12 years

The climate crisis is getting worse at breakneck speed. The science is clear, there can be no new fossil fuels extracted if we want to stay under 1.5C. Yet, Barclays is still funding billions of pounds of fossil fuels every single year.

The fossil fuel companies on Barclays’ books are causing destruction of land, natural habitats and the climate. But here’s the thing: fossil fuel companies desperately need Barclays’ money, but Barclays doesn’t need fossil fuel companies.

Barclays has the opportunity to be a leader and turbocharger the green energy movement. But it’s choosing not to. That’s why staff are speaking out and sharing thoughts now. It doesn’t matter which department or which role you have, you can join your colleagues and share your thoughts.

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