Big win at Deutsche Bank’s AGM

Deutsche Bank’s AGM was a huge target for climate activists around the world. And boy, that target was smashed to smithereens!

All the pressure resulted in Deutsche Bank pulling a bunch of financial support out of the gigantic Whitehaven Coal Mine in Australia.

What’s the best way to crash a banking ‘sustainability’ conference?

The CEOs of Barclays and HSBC were talking at a sustainability event in the heart of London. They were there to talk about how they’re going to reach net zero by 2050, and why they’re solving the climate crisis.

To Barclays bosses – sorry for ruining your AGM

Barclays’ bosses must have had a serious headache after their AGM, and not just because activists set off the alarms.

Barclays are the largest funder of fossil fuels in Europe, and seventh largest in the world.

HSBC’s AGM did not go to plan 🤭

HSBC had a really tough day on AGM Friday. And it’s because of people and campaigners around the UK landed two big blows.

🤫 PS.

Shareholders tell Credit Suisse to clean up fossil fuel funding

What an incredible result. A quarter of Credit Suisse (CS) shareholders are telling CS to clean up on climate by voting against management and demanding a fossil fuel funding phase out.

🤯 Shareholders hold fossil banks’ feet to the fire

AGMs are meant to be where CEOs boast about their profits and give each other high fives. But this was something different. Three of the biggest fossil fuel funders in the world had their AGMs today – and shareholders are sending a clear message that they need to sort it out.

Yale students crash a fossil fuel professor’s lecture

This is a guest post by the activists at Yale Endowment Justice Coalition, who confronted their professor and Citi board member, Ernesto Zedillo today:

This morning, we at the Yale Endowment Justice Coalition, confronted Professor Ernesto Zedillo about Citigroup’s fossil fuel holdings.

Citi are in the climate crosshairs 🎯

🚨Update – Citi just had it’s AGM. There were two unprecedented votes on stopping new fossil fuel expansion and stopping the violation of indigenous rights. Both got much more support than expected, but neither passed.

🔥 Africa People’s AGM 🔥

What an incredible 2 hours. Campaigners across Africa came together to share stories, discuss tactics and take action against the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The giant EACOP pipeline is set to devastate livelihoods, homes and habitats, mainly in Tanzania.

“Net-zero” banks’ numbers don’t stack up on fossil fuels

Before COP26, Mark Carney, who is in charge of wrangling global banks to join his Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), wrote a piece in the Financial Times about numbers.

Credit Suisse secrets they don’t want you to know

🚨 Update 🚨

Two big updates since this article was first published:

  1. As a result of the multiple failings outlined below, Credit Suisse are facing TWO major shareholder revolts.

The “Amazon of the sea” is under threat

The Verde Island Passage is known as the “Amazon of the sea” because of it’s incredibly diverse wildlife, is facing danger from giant fossil fuel companies who are trying to open it up for gas drilling.

UniCredit is hiding it’s dirty fossil fuel investments

UniCredit are doing their best to avoid facing up to their dirty investments. They’ve poured over $36bn into fossil fuels since 2016, and have avoided taking any real steps to cutting it out fully.

What a day of climate action in Canada 🔥

People across Canada are taking on RBC.

This was meant to be a day for Canada’s biggest bank, RBC had their AGM where their super rich investors come together to celebrate their profits, rub themselves on the back, and high five each-other.

IPCC report says it’s “now or never” for climate change – banks must stop

“We are on a fast track to climate disaster.” – Antonio Guterres, General Secretary of the UN

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is publishing it’s report on how to avoid the unprecedented heatwaves, terrifying storms, and widespread water shortages that we’re currently on track for.

Green groups tell bank CEOs to leave Russian behind

Banks around the world have billions of dollars in Russia, funding Russia’s biggest fossil fuel companies. Those are the same companies that are feeding Putin’s war chest. The same companies are filling Russian tanks with fuel.

New report shows that banks are all bark and no bite on climate

Over the last 6 years, since the Paris Climate Accord, the worlds 60 biggest banks have poured over $4,600,000,000,000 into fossil fuel projects. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. That’s $4.6 TRILLION dollars being used for more oil rigs, more gas fields, and more coal mines.

Barclays climate proposals are as weak as they are late

The new climate proposals released by Barclays are completely contradictory. On one hand they’re committing to Net Zero by 2050. On the other hand, their new proposals allow them to keep investing in NEW fossil fuels.

🎉 Big win on HSBC 🎉

An incredible win for campaigners at ShareAction. Through organising shareholders, ShareAction are making HSBC commit to:

✅  Update its coal, oil, and gas policies again before the end of the year.

US and EU restricting money to Russian fossil fuels

Banks and financial institutions were too slow to act. Even in the face of Ukrainian tragedy.  They dragged their feet pulling their money out of Russian fossil fuel companies – the same companies funding Putin’s invasion.

Heard of the #Putin100?

The Putin100 are the 100 global financial institutions across the world propping up Putin’s war machine with investments, insurance and financing for Russian fossil fuel companies. These companies are helping to fund Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine:

The pressure is working to get these institutions to pull out of the Russian fossil fuels funding Putin.

Big companies exit Russia – but banks stay silent

Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine is forcing companies to make big, bold choices. Exxon, one of the worst polluters in history, is saying it’s leaving $4bn worth of investments and projects to get out.

New Yorkers taking on Citibank for their fossil fuel investments

Frontline New York residents are taking over a section of Citi HQ in time for “Investor Day”, a day when hundreds of Citi’s super rich investors are getting together. They are raising objections to Citi’s massive investments into fossil fuel expansion and its huge exposure to the Russian economy, especially the energy sector

Citigroup is the second largest funder of the fossil fuel industry among all banks worldwide, the largest US backer of the coal industry, and it has the most invested in Russian fossil fuels of any US bank.

HSBC’s investments are helping to fund Russia’s invasion

The people of Ukraine are being subjected to a brutal and illegal invasion perpetrated by the Russian military. And Putin is paying for it using all the profits he’s making from Russia’s biggest fossil fuel companies.