Across the country, hundreds of people are doing actions outside Barclays branches. Why Barclays? Well, it’s because Barclays is lending billions of pounds to fossil fuel companies. Those are the same fossil fuel companies making huge profits by drilling for oil and increasing emissions. They’re exploiting the cost of living crisis, and the climate crisis.

And Barclays is lending them the money to do it. In fact, Barclays lends more money to fossil fuel companies than any other bank in Europe.

That’s why hundreds of people are visiting Barclays branches and demanding that Barclays stops lending money to fossil fuel companies.

There are all sorts of actions happening across the UK:

It’s not just people that Barclays are hearing from either. Just last month, the board at the National Trust agreed to sit down with Barclays senior staff and ask them why they’re funding destruction.

Right now, Barclays are getting it from all angles. And it won’t stop until they end funding for fossil fuels.