Standard Chartered’s net zero strategy falls way short

Standard Chartered is one of the banks committing to net-zero by 2050. And recently they’re flexing their green credentials by laying out more strategy for how to reach that target – which will be put to a vote to shareholders at the bank’s 2022 AGM.

Mark Carney’s policies are a mile wide and an inch deep

And today, Carney is announcing that GFANZ now has $130 trillion dollars committed to net zero. But these huge commitments are a mile wide and an inch deep.

Many of the world’s worst fossil fuel financiers are in GFANZ.

Rishi’s new climate policy is all bark, no bite

Rishi Sunak just announced plans to make British or UK-listed financial companies publish plans on how they will transition to net zero. He’s setting up an independent task force to define what a proper transition looks like.

Which are the best and worst central banks on climate?

Central banks help to set the rules for how the economy works. And no central banks are more important than those of the G20 countries, who are responsible for the vast majority of global emissions.