What an incredible 2 hours. Campaigners across Africa came together to share stories, discuss tactics and take action against the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). The giant EACOP pipeline is set to devastate livelihoods, homes and habitats, mainly in Tanzania. There’s now a huge and powerful resistance made up of organisers and leaders, backed up by an international movement. All in the name of #StopEACOP.

The science is clear – there can be no new fossil fuel extraction to stay in a safe world. But reckless fossil fuel companies are still pushing ahead with their EACOP plans. And they can only do that thanks to the giant banks giving them the money to make the pipeline. That includes mega-banks like SMBC, ICBC and Africa’s biggest bank, Standard Bank.

The Africa People’s AGM is showing how much this movement is growing and achieving together. A group of international campaigners involved in the EACOP fight stepped up and shared their thoughts:

“At this point in time Africa is suddenly attractive. It’s always been attractive for exploitation, but with the war in Europe we’re going to find a lot more interest in Africa. Things that should be halted will be started” – Nnimmo Bassey

“Its evident that there is no future in the fossil fuel industry. We cannot serve fossil fuels at our dining tables” – Vanessa Nakate

“They are not talking about what it means for human settlement. Social media is the best platform to go toe to toe with government” – Maria Sarungi

After the inspiring Q&A sessions, we came together to take action. We flooded Standard Bank with emails and tweets, demanding that they stop funding EACOP immediately:


All our pressure is working. As we were taking action together, a huge news piece was released on the powerful campaign to fight back against EACOP:


And then another got released too!


This campaign is growing. And will continue growing. On the ground, next to the pipelines, and outside the offices of the giant banks funding it. We cannot allow another pipeline. Take action now: https://afrikavuka.org/peoples-agm-twitterstorm/

Find the speakers on Twitter here:

@Lenga2020 Baraka Lenga

@MariaSTsehai Maria Sarungi

@NakabuyeHildaF Hilda Nakabuye

@Vanessa_Vash Vanessa Nakate