Montage of protest images and the Standard Chartered logo

Activists from around the world have published another impassioned open letter to Standard Chartered’s CEO, Bill Winters, criticising him and the bank for their continued support of coal companies.


The signatories represent different Fridays for Future chapters and many come from countries experiencing the worst effects of the climate crisis. These include Pakistan, Uganda, Colombia and Indonesia. Another signatory is Mitzi Jonelle Tan from the Philippines, who published her own open letter to Winters last week.


Their letter makes clear the massive disconnect between the financial decisions being made in Standard Chartered offices and the lives of people in those countries who are suffering as a result of those decisions.


The activists have again demanded that Standard Chartered radically improve its policies and set a clear, ambitious timeline for the complete phase-out of coal financing. Currently, Standard Chartered has a very weak policy which will allow it to continue pumping billions into coal companies for years to come.

It’s the latest move in a growing campaign designed to get Standard Chartered out of coal altogether. Fridays for Future has also called on its chapters around the world to take action on Standard Chartered.


An extensive protest toolkit is available on the Fridays for Future website, and with chapters all around the world Standard Chartered is really feeling the heat. Even though it’s not a big presence in the UK beyond appearing on football jerseys, the bank is much more well-known in Asia, Africa and the Middle East where it has hundreds of branches in towns and cities.


Explore the toolkit and find what you need to join the campaign!