Since 2012 the group Brandalism has been holding big corporations to account with guerrilla activism they call subtervising. Their next target? One of the biggest funders of climate doom, HSBC.


Why?  Brandalism says HSBC is “feigning solidarity with communities while investing heavily in fossil fuels and oppressing new security legislation in Hong Kong“.  It’s hard miss HSBC’s ‘Together we thrive’ campaign up and down the UK over the last year. At some point this year, Brandalism will launch their counter-campaign, calling out HSBC.


It’s sure to get under the skin of HSBC who spend tons trying to appeal to potential customers with their progressive adverts, while at the same time backing new security legislation in Hong Kong, financing deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest and ploughing billions into more dirty fossil fuels.


Read about it in marketing magazine The Drum (just like HSBC’s ad executives would have). 


And check out Brandalism’s incredible new video announcing the project: