There’s no doubt, the National Trust cares for “nature, beauty and history” across the UK and Europe. But their work is being undone by their bank, Barclays.

Barclays is secretly piling BILLIONS of dollars into fossil fuel companies. In fact, they’re giving more to fossil fuel companies than any bank in Europe. That’s money being used by fossil fuel companies for aggressive fracking, accelerating climate change, and destroying habitats  – three things the National Trust stands firmly against.

That’s why National Trust members are demanding change. The National Trust AGM is upcoming, on November 5th. There’s a vote which would get the board of National Trust to enter into negotiations with Barclays, asking them to cut back the billions they’re lending to fossil fuel companies, on a timeline set by the latest science. And right now, National Trust members up and down the country are voting to make it happen.




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Why are Barclays so bad?

Good question. Well. Since the Paris climate agreement was signed, Barclays have lent over £150 BILLION to the fossil fuel industry. It makes them the biggest bankroller of fossil fuels of any bank in Europe. And they’re bankrolling the very worst: Shell, Total, Adani and Drax. Plus, Barclays are still investing in coal, the most damaging of all the fossil fuels, coal.

Even Barclays’ shareholders are getting sick of Barclays’ addiction to funding fossil fuels. At the Barclays AGM, Barclays bosses put forward a plan for how to get green, and a stunning 20% of shareholders said that it wasn’t good enough. That’s an unexpectedly huge amount!

Remember – all of this does damage. Barclays are funding the companies that are changing the planet. These companies are the reasons for droughts, the massive drop in the number of bees, and the wild heat waves that put National Trust land in trouble.

As long as the National Trust continues to bank with Barclays, it’s working against itself, and destroying the environment it’s committed to protecting. It’s time to demand that Barclays sorts its act out.

If you’re a National Trust member, login and vote FOR resolution 6: