The Bank of England has the power to stop banks like HSBC and Barclays funnelling billions into companies making the climate crisis worse. Today, Positive Money, Sumofus and Fund Our Future are launching a petition calling on the BoE to change the rules of the game.


Sign the petition here, and share the video below!

The next few months are crucial for our future. The Bank of England’s Covid bailout scheme  and corporate quantitative easing program are pumping billions to filthy fossil fuels. It’s essential we convince them to cut this money pipeline off, and fund our future instead.


Apocalyptic red skies over San Francisco last week were just the latest sign of heat waves and wildfires across the globe – devastating livelihoods and our natural environment. Unless central banks act, we’re going to see more climate change and destruction soon.

In Europe, more than 130,000 people demanded the European Central Bank stop funding the climate crisis, and they got a response from the ECB President. Now a coalition of activists, finance experts and climate campaigners are coming together to push the Bank of England to change too.

Together we’re aiming to gather tens of thousands of names on this petition by next week so I can take as many voices as possible with me into the evidence session. Please will you sign and then share the petition with your friends in 30 seconds now?