The CEOs of Barclays and HSBC were talking at a sustainability event in the heart of London. They were there to talk about how they’re going to reach net zero by 2050, and why they’re solving the climate crisis. Of course, this is not the case. Barclays are the worst fossil fuel funders in Europe, and HSBC are third. That’s $166 and $130 BILLION dollars to fossil fuel companies, respectively. They’re both still investing in new fossil fuel projects – that means more climate change, more habitat destruction and more profit over lives.

That’s why on the day of the event, we put on an (ironed) shirt, and stood outside the event ‘welcoming’ guests from across the banking sector, the security guards didn’t seem to mind 🤭. Each attendee got an official looking leaflet with information on the speakers and a few spiky questions that they’d love to be asked – particularly about how they’re still funding fossil fuel projects:

We handed out close to 100 leaflets before the event started. We even got one straight in the hand of the Barclays CEO – that’s his picture in the middle of the leaflet. We quickly snuck in and left a load of posters on a table to be picked up. The CEOs need to know that they can’t go anywhere without us being there. It started with singing at the HSBC AGM, and pandemonium at the Barclays AGM. Now, we’re making sure to be at every event they host, from now on ❤️