Wednesday 24th was an important date. It marked 6 months since the start of the war and Ukrainian independence day. That’s why on Wednesday, thousands of people came together around the world to demand that banks like HSBC and Citi cut all financial ties with Putin’s Russia.

Here’s why: Major banks have on-going loans and relationships with Russian fossil fuels and a huge chunk of the money from that business is going straight into Putin’s war chest. That means that the banks are enabling Putin’s war. and it’s why the Ukrainian government recently called for the banks to be prosecuted for war crimes. Together around the world, we amplified the message of the Ukrainian people and called on the banks to sever all ties.

Here’s a breakdown of the wild actions spaced over a few days!

Actions in Ukraine:

Ukrainian activists  organised by Razom We Stand kicked off the day with actions and powerful videos outside the major banks funding Putin’s war:

ukranian activists

Here’s how to crash a glitzy party

Citi is the biggest funder of Putin’s fossil fuel companies, and the second worst fossil fuel funder in the world. They were hoping to throw a glitzy party with the tennis stars in town for the US Open. But things didn’t quite go to plan.

Activists from New York Communities for Change and STMP were outside the event greeting people with the truth about Putin’s favourite bank. There were also disruptions inside the party – big banners, planted fake coasters, napkins and even a fake menu!


Giving HSBC staff a shock

HSBC is currently loaning money to each of the major Russian fossil fuel companies. That means they can export more fossil fuels, and give more money to Putin. So Money Rebellion in the UK travelled to HSBC’s head office in Canary Wharf to make sure staff know what HSBC are up to.

Hundreds of staff were handed leaflets on their way into work, and security had to close down two entrances 😘

There’s thousands more where that came from:

Thousands of people around the world amplified the messages of Ukrainian activists. Over 40,000 people signed the global petition aimed at the banks, and thousands more took to Twitter and social media to call out the banks.

Putin’s bloody invasion is continuing. And so is this movement. Banks like HSBC, Citi and JP Morgan must cut all financial ties with Putin’s fossil fuels NOW, to bring this war to an end.