Pressure mounts on Barclays and HSBC as protests build

Over the last few weeks Barclays have come under increasing pressure as protests have intensified. From Kendal to Bristol, Glasgow to St Albans, Barclays have come under fire for the financing of fossil fuels across the country.

Returning Lloyds of London met with protests

When Lloyds of London opened their doors on the 1st September they were greeted with a clear message: stop insuring catastrophic fossil fuel projects.

HSBC’s shiny ad campaign Vs the reality

Since 2012 the group Brandalism has been holding big corporations to account with guerrilla activism they call subtervising. Their next target? One of the biggest funders of climate doom, HSBC.

Lloyds of London fuels the climate crisis

Our sister organisation Insure our Future today released a report highlighting the role that insurance giant Lloyd’s of London plays in driving the climate crisis. The full report on Lloyds is here.

Revolving door between Barclays and BP – The Ecologist

For those scratching their heads on why big banks continue to pour billions into the companies making the climate crisis worse, we found one of the answers!


As detailed in this new article from our partner People & Planet in The Ecologist, the finance director at Barclays just joined BP’s board as a director.

Building momentum at the Bank of England

The Bank of England is facing fresh pressure to revise its pandemic rescue program after research from the New Economics Foundation showed it’s effectively subsidizing polluting industries while claiming tackling climate change is a priority.

What are we divesting for? Join a webinar

One of our partners Platform London is hard at work campaigning for British banks and other institutions to divest from fossil fuels. Next Wednesday, 5-6:30pm, they are hosting a webinar in conversation with Suzanne Dhaliwal from UK tar sands network & Sakina Sheikh, London LEAP campaigner & local councillor for Lewisham.

The video Barclays don’t want you to see

Activists have a special message for Barclays after they found their dirty little secret:

Projection on the Bank of England building reads 'It's our money and our future'

Activists to Bank of England: Build Back Better

This week climate activists around the world are mobilising to demand a Just Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic ahead of two important meetings that will be attended by the wealthiest governments and finance decision-makers.

Activists urge Barclays to quit coal habit in smokestack stunt

Activists have today descended on a Barclays branch in London, in protest against the bank providing billions of pounds to coal, the most polluting fuel, since UN scientists warned we have 10 years left to avert the worst consequences of the climate crisis.

Meet Sharklays: what the UK’s biggest fossil bank is really trying to say

These grassroots activists had a little fun spoofing Barclays’s latest ad campaign today. Below is their press release, and be sure to visit the new also!




(Press Release:)


You’ve heard of Barclays, now meet Sharklays, the subvertising alter ego of the high street bank that’s one of the world’s biggest financiers of climate devastation.

Barclays urged to confront slavery and climate change

Today grassroots activists organized a socially distant protest at Barclays Bank’s offices in London demanding they take action not only on the climate crisis but their history supporting slavery.


The action was covered by Bloomberg Green which said:


Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has called on Barclays Plc Chief Executive Officer Jes Staley to recognize the lender’s historic role in the slave trade and do more on climate change.

Coronavirus bailouts shouldn’t stoke climate change

This opinion piece in Foreign Affairs points out how much of the stimulus created by world governments has gone to carbon-intensive industries and the fossil fuel sector that needs to be wound down in order to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

Building momentum for green recovery at the Bank of England

It feels a lot like momentum….!


First Andrew Bailey was forced to respond to activists who emailed and called him. Here’s the line I think is interesting:


“We believe that the Bank’s duty to the people of this country requires such a difficult choice to be made, but it will not change our commitment to the goals of countering climate change.

UK banks and investors backing Amazon destruction

Deforestation is the second major cause of climate change, and a joint investigation by the Guardian, Greenpeace’s Unearthed and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, UK banks and financial institutions have provided more than $2bn US (£1.5bn) in financial backing in recent years to Brazilian beef companies linked to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Coronavirus could cause £25 Trillion fossil fuel industry to collapse

That eye raising headline from The Guardian was based on reports that the value of fossil fuel reserves might fall by as much as two-thirds as the covid crisis has hastened the peak for oil, coal, and gas demand.

Fossil Finance and Climate Justice – webinar from People and Planet

Earlier in May our partner People & Planet’s Divest Barclays campaign held a webinar ahead of the Barclays’ AGM on why they are taking the fight for climate justice to the doorstep of the big banks.

24% of shareholders protest Barclays fossil fuel support

Today at Barclays’ AGM, an incredible 24% of shareholders voted for ShareAction’s resolution asking the bank to phase out financing for fossil fuels and utility companies that are not aligned with the Paris climate goals.

New report shows who is Funding Climate Chaos in the UK

Today, a group of organisations –, Platform London, People & Planet and The Sunrise Project – launched “Funding Climate Chaos“, a new report highlighting the role of UK banks in funding the climate crisis, focusing on Barclays and HSBC and referencing data from the Banking on Climate Change report.

What are the holes in Barclays’ new “Net Zero” policy?

Our friends at Share Action did the hard work to unpack what Barclays’ new fancy sounding “Net Zero” fossil policy really means. TLDR: it talks a good game, but punts most material action on fossil fuel investing 30 years into the future.

CityAM debates morality of Barclays climate protests

This is some of what Adrienne Buller, an economist and research fellow at the Common Wealth think tank, had to say:

Last week, a leaked JP Morgan report acknowledged that, in a world of accelerating temperature rise, “we cannot rule out catastrophic outcomes where human life as we know it is threatened”.

Greenpeace activists shut down 100 Barclays branches

Nearly 100 Barclays high street branches were shut down to protest against bank’s continued multi-billion dollar support for fossil fuels.


In the early hours of the morning, Barclays branches in every UK region and cities from Portsmouth to Dundee were rendered out of action by Greenpeace activists who disabled the doors preventing staff from entering.

The RBS climate announcement and why it matters

RBS also pledged to fully phase out coal financing by 2030 and is aiming to “at least halve” the climate impact of its lending activity by the end of the decade.

Pressure to act big mounts on RBS

So with days to go, 16 organisations came together to send a strong message to Alison Rose in the Scottish Herald and to ramp up the pressure to ensure the policy was as good as possible.