A month to forget for Royal Bank of Canada

Note: RBC staff are speaking out about the billions of dollars RBC is continuing to lending to fossil fuel companies. If you want to speak out too, take this short survey, or email confidential@bankonourfuture.org.

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Protesters in quebec protest RBC after greenwashing investigation

RBC under investigation for greenwashing!

Caught greenwashing red-handed?

Canada’s largest bank is having a pretty awful week. RBC is now being investigated by a federal agency over alleged ‘greenwashing’, which is vindication for campaigners who have been saying this for literally years.

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Image of Dave McKay saying stop being mean to me

Everyone stop being mean to Dave

The Royal Bank of Canada is funding climate change, all on the watch of its CEO – Dave McKay. RBC is the 5th worst bank in the world (and the worst in Canada) for lending money to fossil fuel companies.

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What a day of climate action in Canada 🔥

People across Canada are taking on RBC.

This was meant to be a day for Canada’s biggest bank, RBC had their AGM where their super rich investors come together to celebrate their profits, rub themselves on the back, and high five each-other.

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The Wet’suwet’en are being thrown off their land

The Royal Bank of Canada are pouring millions of dollars into Coastal Gas Link, a huge dirty pipeline set to be built right through the middle of sacred land belonging to the Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders.

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