New Yorkers taking on Citibank for their fossil fuel investments

Residents are confronting Citigroup investors over their investments in climate change and Russian fossil fuels

HSBC’s investments are helping to fund Russia’s invasion

HSBC must pull ALL fossil fuel investments out of Russia now

Win! Credit Suisse rules out Whitehaven Coal

The huge bank are pulling out of the most controversial coal site in the world

IPCC report released today

The research group describe a frightening reality for the climate crisis - and how to act to get out of it

The Dirty Dozen banks

Is your bank part of the dirty dozen? These are the 12 worst fossil fuel investors in the world

HSBC fails to impress with half-baked oil and gas ambitions

Their policies are riddled with loopholes

Canada’s biggest bank, RBC, facing shareholder action

Shareholders are taking on RBC's ridiculous greenwashing

New ShareAction report exposes greenwashing

HSBC, Barclays and BNP Paribas are the worst offenders for funding oil and gas exploration

HSBC and Standard Chartered giving money to Saudi Aramco

Aramco is the worst polluter in the world. And the banks are pretending to be green.

Citi outpaces peers, but fails crucial test on climate

Our pressure is working. Citi bank are taking big steps to cut emissions. But there's 1 major issue.

Goldman Sachs new climate policies are out

Spoiler: It still lets them invest in new fossil fuel projects

New report: Wall Street is triggering a climate financial crisis

If the financial-services industry was a country, it would rank as the world’s fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

We’re pushing HSBC to phase out coal

Incredible work from campaigners and investors is forcing HSBC to release a more ambitious coal policy

The Wet’suwet’en are being thrown off their land

The Royal Bank of Canada are funding a huge pipeline through sacred Wet’suwet’en land. And violence is being used to make it happen.

We’re winning! Shell are pulling out of the Cambo oil field.

This is a big blow for the dirty Cambo oil field project

Breaking: UK government has given fossil fuel industry £13.6bn in subsidies since signing the Paris Agreement

Yeah, you read that right, £13.6bn! All from the country that just hosted #COP26

Joe Biden’s pick for Federal Reserve chair isn’t good news for the climate

The Federal Reserve make the rules for the US economy. And its chair, Jerome Powell, is weak on climate action.

Banks make announcements with loopholes you can build a pipeline through

Important but insufficient policy moves don’t go nearly far enough to stave off climate chaos.

Reclaim Finance calls on Natwest for specifics on coal phase out

Natwest's coal policies are improving, but still lack crucial detail for how it gets done

HUGE WIN! BNY Mellon is cutting ties with the Adani coal mine 🎉

Indigenous groups fighting for years take on the giant bank - and win

HSBC is lobbying to weaken climate targets behind closed doors

The Bureau of Investigative Journalists are exposing the truth - HSBC are watering down climate commitments in secret talks.

Standard Chartered’s net zero strategy falls way short

The much awaited announcement from the bank doesn't get near the action required to limit the climate crisis

Mark Carney’s policies are a mile wide and an inch deep

Mark Carney is in charge of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). It's a collection of over 450 financial institutions around the world, working to "accelerate the transition to a net-zero global economy".

Rishi’s new climate policy is all bark, no bite

It might sound good, but a quick scratch below the surface reveals issues