Taking down Swiss finance: Rise Up for Change

The Swiss financial sector is responsible for catastrophic climate impacts and human rights violations, but Swiss activists are rising up for change and putting a stop to that.

No medals for Japanese banks funding fossil fuels

The Olympics are currently in full swing in Tokyo, so Japan is in the media spotlight. But there are no gold medals for Japanese banks when it comes to fossil fuel financing.

Italian banks failing to defund fossil fuels

Like banks in other countries, Italy’s biggest banks are dragging their feet on bringing fossil fuel financing to an end. One bank, Unicredit, has made progress but recently breached its own coal policies. Another, Intesa Sanpaolo, hasn’t even tried.

Finance guy leaves Kerry’s climate team after huge outcry

This is what campaign pressure can achieve. A private equity mogul has left the Biden administration’s climate team after an outcry from campaigners.

Giant strawberries give HSBC a grand slam at Wimbledon

Wimbledon may be over for another year, but championship sponsor HSBC continues to serve up financing for fossil fuel companies. Just as well there was plenty of activist action over the last couple of weeks to remind everyone of HSBC’s contribution to the climate crisis.

Investment giants tell banks: stop delaying climate action

The climate movement is not alone in pushing banks to quit their fossil fuel addiction. A group of investors, led by influential campaign group ShareAction, has written to major banks around the world, urging them to move much faster in ending their support of fossil fuel companies. With international climate and environment meetings on the horizon, this latest move puts banks under even more pressure to act quickly.
Projection at the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK

Hey G7 leaders, end fossil fuel financing

Leaders of the richest nations met in the UK last weekend, and high on the agenda was the climate crisis. So it was the perfect time to spotlight the role banks are playing in making our planet hotter.
A spoof HSBC advert on a bus shelter

HSBC: climate resolution passes, but executives dodge tough questions

HSBC’s annual shareholder meeting on Friday was a mixed bag, with one step towards effective climate policies offset by two steps back. On the one hand, the climate resolution was voted through. On the other, HSBC executives were evasive on climate questions from shareholders.